All families who work with Alex are welcome to send short 2-5 minute videos to check they are on track. Alex will respond with a few suggestions.

For more formalised and in-depth video feedback, Alex offers consultations. Consultations can take place over email, on the phone or through Skype.

Email Consultations

This is a great way for parents and teachers to receive feedback regarding their sessions. Alex will watch the session clip (10-25mins) and will identify effective practise and goals for both the parent/teacher and student to work on. Alex will also advise on how to work towards the goals of both the student and the parent/teacher. 

Skype/phone Consultations

Parents are asked to send the session clips (10-20mins) in advance of the Skype consultation (which will be the remaining time after watching the clips). Alex will talk through the sessions, highlighting good practise and identify goals to work on. This option enables parents to ask questions and discuss how to move forward.

All consultations are charged at £50 per hour.