Alex holds regular sessions at the Sutton Coldfield United Reformed Church (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham) and at the Wesley Centre (Sandbach, Cheshire) in days during the week and in the school holidays. Where possible, Alex will try to accommodate preferable dates and times. 

55min session

1hr sessions are suitable for families who would like their child to have 1:1 support with Alex and also receive support themselves. 

1hr 55 session

This option is suitable for families who have further to travel. During this time Alex works with the student and with parents to develop their skill level. It is necessary to have at least two adults bringing the student so the student is able to have breaks during this time (while Alex works with the other adult).


All sessions are recorded and made available for the families to use as a learning tool.

In Sutton Coldfield the costs are £65 per 55min session. 

During school holidays Alex runs 'camps'; this is where the student receives two 25-55minute sessions a day for 2-4 days.  This option is ideal for students and families who are new to RPM and also those at different stages. For newer students, Alex will be able to demonstrate effective practise in teaching in accordance to the student's open learning channels and how to develop motor skills. For families who are already practising RPM, a camp will give the student the opportunity to develop their skill level while helping parents to increase their own skill level.