Alex is amazing. Her work with Ellen has allowed us unique insight into Ellen's world. Alex is calm but inspiring when she teaches, treating Ellen as a normal person; kind, firm and respectful. Her work has revealed that Ellen is a normal, intelligent girl, able to tackle academic work at an age-appropriate level with Alex, something that she has not yet been able to achieve at school. We are delighted that Alex has been able to provide an opening for Ellen to communicate. There are so many children who are 'locked in' who would benefit from Alex's teaching methods. Alex has a real gift for teaching through RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) and we cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Lucy Hart, Aunt to Ellen (17, Autism, verbal)

We are so grateful to Alex for helping us along our journey. Adam often gives Alex a run for her money throughout his sessions but despite whatever issues arise during each session, nothing phases Alex and every single session is productive and Adam leaves with a sense of achievement and motivated to continue to work hard. 

Caroline Galvin, Mum to Adam (10, Autism, non-verbal)

 I found your style, your zest for connecting with Mandeep and your insights truly inspiring. That is also true of your flair for communicating and your animated and warm teaching style. The tips you gave and the insightful ways forward with Mandeep have given me some more keys to unlock his true ability.

Bernard O'Connel, Teacher to Mandeep (17, Autism, Non-verbal)

I'd been doing rpm choices for about 3 months when a friend convinced me to join them in an outreach day they were organising with Alex. We'd been doing ok up until then, but perhaps my expectations of my son were not high enough. When I saw Alex work with him, I got an insight into his potential. She was able to jump straight in there and engage him, and I learnt so much from watching her and of course was able to ask questions at the same time. In particular she was so positive, enthusiastic and respectful towards him that he not only responded but really enjoyed the sessions she did with him. 

S. Plum, Mum to F (8, Autism, Non-verbal)

Alex has been so helpful and supportive. My son had become very resistant to using the letter board, and was getting distressed during sessions. Alex was able to identify the issues and come up with detailed solutions which were very effective. My son is now happy and relaxed about using the letter board and we both get so much more out of our sessions. 

Amy Butterworth, Mum to Leo (5, Autism, Non-verbal)

Alex travels to Ireland every 8 weeks and it was during one of these workshops where Darragh first moved to open communication. He blew us away with his knowledge and compassion. Alex has such an amazing talent working with Darragh. He is so relaxed and calm in her company, her energetic and caring nature allows him to express himself at ease.We are so grateful to have such an expert willing to travel to work with our family and her dedication and belief in our children is exceptional. 

Mary, Mum to Darragh (19, Autism, Non-verbal)

What can I say about Alex? She is exceptional! Watching her work with my son and now with dozens of other students is just magical. She is very intuitive and able to quickly assess the student's motor challenges and adapt her teaching to both engage them and to always build their skills. We learnt RPM together, but she has now become my teacher - I recommend her to any family, for any any student with any challenges or behaviours - without reservation.

Sue Finnes - Director, Unlocking Voices - Using RPM, Mum to Christopher (17, Autism, Non-verbal)